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December 8, 2017
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September 26, 2018

The 2017 GW Law Student Guide to Job Searching Over Winter Break

After fall semester exams, it’s time to start thinking about your summer job search!

Here’s your guide to job searching over winter break.

  • Don’t panic.  Most law students, especially 1Ls, start applying to their summer positions over winter break and continue through the spring semester. Typically, offers for summer internships are made starting in February through early April. Want to review more statistics for 1L hiring?  Click here or on the image below (logging into the GW Law Portal is required).

  • Schedule informational interviews.  Schedule informational interviews with attorneys in your area over winter break to begin developing your own professional network.  See our 4-step guide to informational interviews for advice on identifying professionals, sending invitations, and conducting the informational interviews here.

  • Register to attend Home for the Holidays receptions.  Law firms nationwide host networking receptions over winter break to begin meeting the newest class of law home-for-the-holidaysstudents.  These receptions primarily target students in the Class of 2020 (1Ls).  Although most large law firms do little to no 1L hiring for the summer after your first year of law school (see the hiring stats linked above), the Home for the Holidays receptions are focused on getting to know the potential candidates for OCI.  Current 1Ls will begin the OCI process in the Summer of 2018 and the Home of the Holidays receptions are the first recruiting events targeting candidates for the summer of 2019 (yes, you read that right, firms are already scouting candidates for summer associates in 2019).  We’ve compiled a list of the Home for the Holidays receptions for which we’ve received invitations here. If you are interested in a firm or office not on this list, you may reach out to the firm directly to inquire about local receptions.

  • Finalize your legal resume and cover letter.  You’ll need to start applying to positions over winter break, so your resume and cover letter needs to be polished and ready to go. If you are looking for samples or guidance on drafting your application documents, click here to see our resources on preparing your applications.  If you haven’t already attended a resume and cover letter workshop, sign up for the live webinars over winter break.  See the webinar schedule here or register directly in CORE.

  • Mark your calendars for PSRP and begin applying to PSRP positions. The annual GW – Georgetown Public Sector Recruiting programs will take place on Friday, January 26, 2018.  This program has of three components: an interview program, a “Table Talk” networking event, and an online resume collection. The interview program and resume collection require students to submit applications online by the following deadlines. The “Table Talk” program is open to all students and doesn’t require you to apply in advance. PSRP is exclusively for GW and Georgetown students and is the premiere event for public sector job opportunities for Summer 2018.  Application instructions and log-in information will be emailed to students after the Fall 2017 exam period.
    The key dates and deadlines for PSRP are below (All times Eastern).

    PSRP Application Period Opens – Thursday, December 14 (Apply here)
    PSRP Information Session Webinar – Tuesday, January 2 @ Noon (register in CORE)
    PSRP Information Session Webinar – Thursday, January 4 @ 5pm (r
    egister in CORE)
    PRSP GChat Office Hours  – Wednesday, January 3 9am-1pm
    PSRP GChat Office Hours – Thursday, January 4 1pm-4pm

    PSRP Orientation – January 10 @ Noon (register in CORE)
    PSRP Interview Program Application Deadline – Tuesday, January 9 @ 11:59pm
    PSRP Resume Collection Deadline – Wednesday, January 17 @ 5pm

    PSRP Job Fair & Table Talk – Friday, January 26, 2018

  • Start applying for summer internship positions.  Begin by researching employers participating in PSRP and see feedback from past GW Law students in the Summer Employment Evaluations database available here (note: portal log-in is required for this resource).  The “Job Listings” in CORE are the first place most students look for job listings, but there are several other great resources for job listings.  For example, the Most common job listing sitesGovernment Honors and Internship Handbook includes a comprehensive guide to government internships.  You can get links to the most commonly used resources for job listings here.  If you are interested in a judicial internship, make sure to check out our resources here.

  • Consider applying for diversity-related opportunities. This time of year tends to be the peak season for diversity-related opportunities for 1Ls in particular. While most of the positions available are in law firms and corporate legal departments, there are a few in the government and with judges. If you are a 2L or 3L, please note that there are also a handful of opportunities available to you as well. All students should periodically check CORE and the table of opportunities/upcoming deadlines on the Diversity & Inclusion section of the Career Center website, both of which are updated regularly. If you missed the DC Diversity Consortium’s 1L Diversity Fair, you can click here to access the recording of the panel portion of that program for information about these opportunities and the application process. Often, these opportunities require a diversity personal statement in addition to the other standard application materials. For tips and suggestions about how to draft compelling diversity personal statements, click here. If you have any questions or concerns about these opportunities, feel free to email diversity@law.gwu.edu.

  • Get ready for legal interviewing.  Sign-up to do a mock interview in our office to ensure that you are fully prepared for your job interviews.   Click here for our detailed guide on legal interviews.  You can sign up for a mock interview appointment here.

  • Make an appointment with your career counselor.  Our counselors are here over winter break to help you polish up your application documents and develop a personalized job search plan. *We’re open over winter break!*  Click here to make an appointment.

1Ls!  Did you Miss the How I Got My 1L Summer Job Event on November 10th?

No worries! Click here to watch the recording of the event (portal log-in is required).


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