Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

GW Law has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The GW Law Career Center, in particular, is here to support and enhance the law school experience of all GW Law students, including students who self-identify as diverse based on gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and/or disability.

What does it mean to be "diverse"?

The definition of what constitutes a “diverse” applicant varies widely among the different opportunities. Generally, diversity is defined broadly to encompass individuals with varied backgrounds. Some opportunities may be limited to students of a particular racial, ethnic, religious, or socio-economic background; women; students with a disability; or who identify as LGBTQ.  Others, however, are available to students who are advancing the cause of diversity within their community, without regard to the individual’s own diversity status, or to students who have faced adversity and, thereby, have a diverse perspective on life and the practice of law. If an opportunity does not specify how diversity is defined, think of it in a broad and inclusive way.

Resources for Diversity Personal Statements

As part of the application process for many diversity-related opportunities, employers often require a diversity personal statement. Here are several resources for crafting strong diversity statements:

Diversity Personal Statements —What Makes for a Compelling Essay?
Published in the January 2017 NALP Bulletin. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Template
FAQs about diversity statements and a template that you can use when drafting your own statement.

If you need further assistance with your diversity statement, feel free to make an appointment with a counselor in the Career Center.