Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

GW Law has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The GW Law Career Center, in particular, is here to support and enhance the law school experience of all GW Law students, including students who self-identify as diverse based on gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and/or disability.

Resources for Diversity Personal Statements

As part of the application process for many diversity-related opportunities, employers often require a diversity personal statement. Here are several resources for crafting strong diversity statements:

Diversity Personal Statements —What Makes for a Compelling Essay?
Published in the January 2017 NALP Bulletin. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Template
FAQs about diversity statements and a template that you can use when drafting your own statement.

If you need further assistance with your diversity statement, feel free to make an appointment with a counselor in the Career Center.

Three easy ways to stay connected and current with diversity opportunities!

Diversity Listserv

The Diversity Listserv is an electronic mailing list used to distribute a variety of diversity-related information to subscribers throughout the year. One of the primary uses of the diversity listserv is to share a bi-monthly Diversity Newsletter that contains information about diversity-related job opportunities and scholarships, resources, and upcoming events. Any GW Law student who self-identifies as diverse can be added to the Diversity Listserv. If you would like to be added to the Diversity Listserv, please email diversity@law.gwu.edu.

Diversity-Related Tabs in CORE

When completing your student profile on CORE, you may notice the following diversity-related tabs: Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Race/Ethnicity, and Self Identify as Diverse.  Please note that the information provided in your CORE profile is not shared with or viewable by employers, and you are not required to provide this information when completing your CORE profile. That being said, your responses to these questions could serve a number of useful, internal purposes. For example, the Career Center could use this information in CORE to search for students who may be interested in specific, diversity-related opportunities, or to invite select students to diversity-related events. Please keep this in mind when completing your CORE profile.

Diversity Resume Books

The Career Center is periodically contacted by employers who have an interest in recruiting diverse GW Law students. As such, we compile Diversity Resume Books based on class year (1L(Day), 1L(Eve), 2L(Day), 2L(Eve), 3L(Day), 3L(Eve), 4L(Eve)). Resumes from these books may be shared with employers in a number of ways. They may be shared with employers seeking additional candidates for job opportunities, or they may be shared with employers seeking to promote a diversity-related event or other professional opportunity to GW Law students. Please note that the Diversity Resume Books are not a substitute for continuing to apply to job postings, but are offered as an additional tool allowing the Career Center to connect students with employers. Employers will then contact students directly, if interested in speaking further. The Diversity Resume Books are open to all GW Law students who self-identify as diverse and can be found in CORE under “Job Listings.” Search for “Resume” in the job title.

12th Annual Diversity Networking Reception
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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DC Diversity Consortium 2nd Annual Diversity Fair
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Click here for a recording of the a panel discussion featuring a discussion of diversity-related scholarship and fellowship opportunities that are available to 1Ls

Celebrating Diversity at GW Law
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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