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Diversity Opportunities

Many firms and other organizations offer academic-year, summer, and post-graduate scholarship or fellowship opportunities for students who self-identify as diverse as part of their diversity initiatives.

What does it mean to be "diverse"?

The definition of what constitutes a “diverse” applicant varies widely among the different opportunities. Generally, diversity is defined broadly to encompass individuals with varied backgrounds. Some opportunities may be limited to students of a particular racial, ethnic, religious, or socio-economic background; women; students with a disability; or who identify as LGBTQ.  Others, however, are available to students who are advancing the cause of diversity within their community, without regard to the individual’s own diversity status, or to students who have faced adversity and, thereby, have a diverse perspective on life and the practice of law. If an opportunity does not specify how diversity is defined, think of it in a broad and inclusive way.

Application Process

All diversity-related opportunities are posted in the Job Listings section of CORE.

To easily view a list of all diversity opportunities, go to the Job Listings section and then click +More Filters. Select “Diversity Program“, and then click “Yes“.

Each opportunity has specific eligibility criteria and application instructions, and application deadlines will occur throughout the year.

You may direct questions about these opportunities to the sponsoring organization or you may contact diversity@law.gwu.edu. Please also feel free to schedule an appointment or reach out via email with any questions or concerns as you work on your application materials.

Additional Resources

Additional opportunities may be listed in the database of 1L LCLD Scholar Opportunities.

Diversity-related monetary scholarships (not associated with a job or internship), writing competitions, and professional development opportunities are generally not listed in CORE. These types of opportunities can be found on the Scholarships & Professional Development Opportunities page.