Application Documents

Application Documents

Applications documents, including a resume, cover letter, writing sample, and transcripts are often a candidate’s first opportunity to make an impression on an employer.  Use the resources here to ensure that your application documents help you to put your strongest foot forward.

Keep in mind that these resources and templates serve only as a starting point. These resources are generalized and do not take into account your unique experience and interests.  So, after you have a strong first draft, meet with one of our counselors to have your documents reviewed.  Our counselors will help you ensure that your documents are tailored appropriately for the positions to which you are applying.


Your resume highlights your skills and experience in substantive areas and practice settings.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter allows you to explain your experiences in-depth and serves as an initial first writing sample.

Writing Samples

Writing samples are generally not needed unless specifically requested by the employer.


Students must request a transcript from the university Registrar. Students should not use the grades displayed on GWeb for applications.


References should be provided only upon request, and should not be included on your resume.

Stay Organized

Track your applications and send follow-up as needed.

Applications all in order?  Next up – interview prep!